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Our English curriculum develops skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing for a wide range of purposes. We use language to learn and communicate ideas, views and feelings, it enables children to express themselves creatively and imaginatively.  At St. Alban's we aim to develop a love for the English language in its written and spoken forms.  We are committed to delivering a broad and engaging curriculum in order to enable our pupils to become confident, independent and effective speakers, listeners, readers and writers. 


At St. Alban's each year group has been allocated a range of core novels related to their curriculum topic. The children learn all about the characters, settings and language used by the variety of authors. We hope this develops a life-long love of reading. Expectations of written work is high and can be seen in the standard of presentation.  


English is shared and celebrated inside and outside of the classroom through:

  • working walls which share the current teaching and learning
  • use of a wide range of high-quality materials to support effective teaching and learning -such as 'Big Writing'
  • public celebration of pupils' success and participation in events -Twitter, school website, communal displays, public performances



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Read Write Inc Spelling Programme


Read Write Inc. Spelling is for children in Years 2 to 6 who can read accurately, with increasing speed. 


Although the teaching of phoneme-grapheme correspondence underpins this programme, it also develops children’s knowledge of word families, how suffixes impact upon root words, and provides mnemonics to remember the trickiest spellings.The teaching revolves around instruction (with the help of online alien characters), partner and group practice, and competitive group challenges that help children commit new words to memory.

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