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Corona Virus Updates

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Corona Virus - Frequently asked questions

Questions Answers 
How can I contact the school?



The school office will be manned from 9.00am -9.45am and 2.15pm and 3.00pm due to staffing shortages.

Telephone: 0121 444 6530


The school email will also be monitored regularly:



What should I do if my child doesn’t understand the work they’ve been set?


Please look at the class page section of the website under 'Our Children' Tab.

You can communicate with the classteacher through the dedicated year group email address - teachers will do their best to respond within 48 hours.



Can I access the school during school closure?



No. The building will only be open for vulnerable pupils and pupils of ‘Key Workers’ (please see the latest guidance Key Workers). 


There will be a limited number of staff members on site.


Should you wish to contact the school please use the methods highlighted above.


What do I do if I have any safeguarding concerns?

Please contact Children’s Social Care on 0121 303 1888 or NSPCC on 0808 800 5000 or




When should I expect to receive communications or updates from school?

We will do our best to keep you updated regularly. Remember to check the school website and twitter. It is also important to keep up to date with current news in the national media.



When is school going to reopen?



Unfortunately, we cannot answer this question. We would advise you to keep up to date with national news and regularly check your emails for communication from the school.



My child is entitled to a free school meal, will this be provided?



Yes, you should have received an email regarding this. If you are eligible and haven’t received any communication, please contact the school. School lunches will be available to collect from school and some with be able to be delivered to your house. We have started a school food bank which you will be able to access. Please contact us via email



What will happen to any payments already made?


All events that have been cancelled will be refunded but please bear with us as we are dealing with daily changes and staffing shortages. Email us at



What happens if I have a change in my circumstances? 

If you have a change of circumstances at any point during the enforced school closure please email us at We may be able to help with free school meals and our school food bank.



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A letter to our children 20th March 2020


Parents please read this to your child over the weekend.


Dear Children,


Over the last few days I have written many letters and messages to your parents about the corona virus and this evening when I sat down at home I realised I had forgotten to write to you!


Some of you have had to miss some school time already as your parents have been keeping you safe by staying at home and also keeping everyone else by this too. For many of you Friday was your last day at school for a long time and you may be thinking about why you can't come to school and wondering what is happening. I have been speaking to lots of you at school about the coronavirus and washing your hands and I know your teachers have been. You may have noticed that we have been very busy this week and perhaps looked a little sad at some points. Please do not worry the reason we have been sad is because we know that we won't see some of you for a while and we will miss each of you very much.


However, we will think of all every day and we will laugh and share memories. We will wonder if you are still running around, if you are singing, praying, drawing, reading, painting, playing and helping your parents. We will remember happy and funny things that have happened at school and this will make us smile.


If you are at home, then please keep checking on our school website class pages because your teachers will make videos and plan activities to keep you busy over the coming weeks. We want you to keep learning new things and having fun.


Some of you will still come to school but it will be very different to normal. All of your friends may not be here and you will not be in your usual classroom but your teachers will help you to settle into a new routine and have lots of fun things for you to do while your parents are busy doing some very important jobs at the moment. Many of your parents are real life superheroes, as they are helping others and they know you are safe with us and your St. Alban's family.


You are all special to us but at the moment we have to look after you in different ways - some of you at school and some of you by making sure you stay at home. Over the next few weeks I want you to do some very important things for me.


1. Be kind and helpful - try and help at home as much as you can. Some of your parents may have to do some work at home and while they are working try to complete some of the activities that we have sent you or something from the website. Keep following in the footsteps of Jesus. You may have noticed that lots of people are trying to be very kind to others at the moment and helping one another by sharing food and time. This is one of the good things that is happening and try and think of a good thing that has happened each day before you go to sleep at night. Please try not to argue with your brothers and sisters and to share your toys. You may be spending more time at home and this can be difficult as you are used to exploring the world. Hopefully we will all be able to do this again soon.


2. Try not to worry. At the moment you may here lots of people talking about scary facts about the corona virus, you may see things on the TV or internet that worry you. You may not be able to see some of your family as they are having to stay at home this doesn't mean that they don't love you. Write them letters this will help them to keep smiling when they may feel a little alone. They are just trying to stay safe and not spread the virus around to others. Please do not keep your worries to yourself - share them. Everyone is a little scared at the moment but we are are less scared together. You have all made a talking hand at school with each fingers being a person you can talk to. Make a new one at home, you can still include someone from school and if you are want to talk to us you can. If you need to share your worry with a teacher, then ask your parent to send an email and we will call you at home. Remember we love you and our school mission is that we live, love and learn together.


3. Keep learning - even though you are not at school you can still give each activity 100%, keep trying as hard as you can and do you best. Try and learn something new whilst you are at home and when you come back to school you can show me your new achievement or talent. I can't wait to hear all about what you have been doing. Share photos of your work with us on twitter and by emailing your teachers and I promise I will keep sending weekly certificates to children who have done their best.


My St. Alban's family mean the world to mean and I have the best job in the world. As you all know I have 2 boys, one of them comes to our school and the other is a toddler now. When people ask me ''How many children do you have?'' I say ''209'' and they always look at me like I am bonkers but I'm not. That number includes each of you. I am so proud of all of you and I will really miss seeing you every day on the school gate and sharing smiles.


God bless all of you and I cannot wait until we are all back together in our amazing school.


Lots of love Mrs McKinney and all the staff at St. Alban's xx