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Dear Parents,


Sadly school will be closing to most of our pupils on Friday 20th March until further notice. From Monday 23rd March we will be providing pupils with a weekly timetable of activities to complete to sustain their education and learning. This will be uploaded to the class pages above. We believe it is vital your child does understand that this is not an extended holiday and that there will be learning to complete each day. If possible try and create a quiet learning space at home for them to complete tasks. Alongside the weekly timetable of activities staff will also be uploading daily videos to the class pages and the video resource centre. We are hoping that this aids anxiety about their learning and also keeps lines of communication and a sense of normality.

This is an unprecedented situation and the system may need to be tweaked or even changed in the future. 


We are hoping that pupils will respond by tweeting photos of their completed tasks on our twitter account @StAlbans_Sch or by emailing them to the teacher. We have set up year group email addresses for each teacher and providing they are well they will be available for parents and pupils to contact via email and will respond in 2 working school days.

Reception Mrs Darbinson
Year 1 Miss Smith
Year 2 Mrs McLynn
Year 3 Mr Sorroll
Year 4 Miss Davey
Year 5

Mrs McGovern and 

Mr Griffin
Year 6  Miss Ingram


You might be inclined to create a minute by minute timetable for your children.  You may have high hopes of hours of learning, including online activities, science experiments, and book reports.  You’ll limit technology until everything is done!  Please remember...our children could be just as scared as we are right now. Our children not only can hear everything that is going on around them, but they feel our constant tension and anxiety.  They have never experienced anything like this before. Although the idea of being off of school for weeks sounds great, they are probably picturing a fun time like summer break, not the reality of being trapped at home and not seeing their friends.


Over the coming weeks, you may see an increase in behaviour issues with your children. Whether it’s anxiety, or anger, or protest that they can’t do things normally - it will happen.  You’ll see more meltdowns, tantrums, and oppositional behaviour in the coming weeks.  This is normal and expected under these circumstances.


What children need right now is to feel comforted and loved.  To feel like it’s all going to be okay. That might mean that you tear up your perfect schedule and work on their well being for a day. Play outside and go on walks, bake fairy cakes and paint pictures, play board games and watch movies.  Do a science experiment together or find virtual field trips of the zoo.  Start a book and read together as a family.  Snuggle under warm blankets and do nothing but talk.


Don’t worry about them falling behind in school. Every single child is in this boat and they all will be okay.  When we are back in the classroom, we will all find out where they are and meet them where they are.  The St. Alban's teachers are experts at this. Don’t pick fights with your children because they don’t want to do Maths or English -come back to it after a little break. Don’t get angry at your children for not following the timetable even though you desperately want them to. I know many of you will be working from home or caring for loved ones. Let's remember the important things, when all this is over, your child’s mental health will be more important than their academic skills.  How they felt during this time will stay with them long after the memory of what they did during the weeks spent at home. So keep that in mind, every single day. Reach out to us for support when you need it. 


Below you will find links to resources, websites and videos to support your child/ children with their learning at home. Many companies have offered discounted and free subscriptions to their services. Please also visit subject specific learning resources in the tab, 'Our Learning.'


We will be regularly updating these pages so please check daily hopefully you will find everything you need to support your child/children in their learning journey.


Your child will have log in details for websites that we frequently use in school in their planners. Please see below for details.


EYFS/ KS1 -  Oxford Owl. Children can access eBooks and there are activities for parents available to support children’s learning at home.


Reception:      To access Oxford Owl, click on 'My Class log in.'                                                          

Username:   StAlbanRec2020

Password:  Rec2020


Year 1:                                                                   

Username:   StAlbanY12020

Password:  Y12020     


Year 2:

Username: StAlbanY22020                                                                  

Password: Y22020


KS2 - Children will have log in details for Oxford Owl, MyMaths and Times Table Rock Stars in their planners.

Creative Activities:


Thank you for your continued support and kindness at this very difficult time.

We will continue to keep all of our St. Alban's families in your prayers.


Stay safe 

Mrs McKinney